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Common Skin Concerns:

Sun & Age Spots


Sun Damage and Age Spots can appear anywhere on the body and are light brown to black in colour and caused by sun exposure (UV rays) without protection. These have the potential to develop into skin cancer and melanoma and need to be monitored.

Causes of Sun and Age Spots

The main cause is sun exposure. Age spots occur when there is an excessive production of melanin and/or skin pigment. Age spots appear due to aging as our skin becomes thinner resulting in the over-production of melanin from sun exposure. They typically appear on:

  • your face
  • the back of your hands
  • your shoulders
  • your upper back
  • your forearms

How To Treat Sun Damage and Age Spots

Focus Laser Skin Tightening
Our FOCUS treatment will make your skin look better by using our Picosecond Laser which is the latest technology for Skin Tightening. It will have you looking youthful and fresher with the reduction of wrinkles, pigmentation, and acne scars.
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Counteracts all signs of aging Non-surgical Non-invasive Long-lasting results Mesoéclat® mesoéclat® GLOBAL ANTIAGING PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS for: Immediate-effect skin rejuvenation Skin aging is the skin deterioration (is process of becoming progressively worse) there are many factors that affects the aging proses, ie  genetic, bad habits that we adopt in our daily routine, which lead [...]
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Cosmelan Peel
Reduces hyperpigmentation & melasma by 90-95% Minimal discomfort Quick results Cosmelan Peel Pigmentation is a growing concern in all ethnic groups and skin phototypes.  90% of people knower days present with varying types of pigmentation from Melasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun induced pigmentation and genetic types of hyperpigmentation. Cosmelan and Dermamelan is number one treatment scientifically [...]
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Plasma Fibroblast Pen
Plasma Fibroblast pen is a non-invasive skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation procedure that uses plasma energy to regenerate the skin's epidermal layer.
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Environ Skin Care
Environ uses a range of effective and proven vitamins and peptides to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful for a lifetime.
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Here at BEAUTILASE we believe that inner health reflects outer beauty. We can also offer expert advice on Nutritional Supplement for your individual needs.

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